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My Study Abroad Experience: Interview with Margaret Asare

Margaret is passionate about relationship, family and marriage issues and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Ghana’s premier university. She is a 2018 graduate from the University of Chester with a MSc in Family and Child Psychology.

When did you begin your study abroad application?

I began the application process during my National Service ~2016.

Did you encounter any challenge(s) during the application process?

My biggest challenge was with getting my recommendation letters from my lecturers at my preferred time. You know how it is in Ghana (lol), it wasn’t easy!

Had you travelled abroad prior to studying in the UK?

Yes, I had been to the United States in the past.

Was the UK the only country you were pursuing for graduate school?

I actually applied and got accepted into schools in Canada and the UK, but the latter ended up being more favorable in my case to follow up with.

How was your experience studying in the UK?

I had a fantastic experience! I did not have a major problem adjusting in the UK, aside of a few housing challenges. I studied in the outskirts of the UK, so it was a small and close - knit community. The people I met were friendly and the professors were top - notch.

“Housing” appears to be a big problem among international students and is mentioned in almost all the interviews conducted! How do you think this problem can be managed?

I feel if housing agents were available for the international student population, that may help improve situations with regards to finding a suitable accommodation.

What was one expectation you had about living in the UK prior to attending graduate school?

I actually expected finding work (i.e. paid job) was going to be a breeze, but it wasn’t!

How were you able to fund your graduate education?

I got awarded a scholarship from the university, which covered 70% of the cost and I chipped in the other 30% of the remaining balance.

What advice will you give to an international student who wants to study in the UK?

I’ll advice you get in touch with a current student in the school you want to attend for any relevant information which may not be explicitly stated on the school’s website. Also, when you arrive on campus, make friends, take pictures, join a social group(s), get involved as much as possible and enjoy the whole experience.

If you are interested in sharing your study abroad experience or need assistance with your college/graduate school application, email


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