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Educational Connect was launched in 2017 to guide the prospective international student through the college/graduate school application process in the USA, and make the experience less stressful. Driven by this goal, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceed your expectations. With our team of diverse individuals, most of whom have a background in international student services, you can be confident in our work. 


At Educational Connect, we envision expanding our services to students/countries worldwide, but are currently restricted to only those students interested in studying in the USA. 

NK Owusu

NK is the founder and content editor of Educational Connect. She realized through personal experience, observations, and interactions, how difficult it could be for first generation and prospective international students to navigate the college application process as well as live life as new immigrants and foreign students in the USA. In 2017, she launched Educational Connect to assist this population with their college/graduate school application needs, as well as aid their smooth transition into the American system.


Originally from Ghana, NK holds a Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and is also the recipient of multiple educational scholarships including, but not limited to the Stephen and Sandy Sheller Student Scholarship. She has obtained relevant professional experience in the field of Admissions, Student Services and Higher Education in the USA.


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