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10 Questions to Ask a Potential College Roommate

Sharing a room or an apartment is always a financially smarter decision, especially if you are a student on a budget! Just like everything has its pros and cons, same goes with sharing a space with a roommate. In order to reduce the potential stress that may come with living with someone, be it familiar or unfamiliar, early preparation will be needed in the roommate search. Asking key questions like the 10 listed below helps in maximizing your find for the near to perfect roommate you will be most compatible living with.

1. What are your biggest pet peeves?

2. Name five qualities you look out for in a potential roommate.

3. Describe yourself in one word.

4. Are you an ‘early bird’ or a ‘night owl’?

5. Have you had any roommate(s) in the past? If yes, how would you describe your relationship?

6. What are your cleaning habits?

7. Are you a ‘party animal’ or ‘couch potato’?

8. Do you foresee having guests over the apartment or dormitory on regular occasions?

9. What is your confrontation style?

10. Does smoking and drinking bother you?

Overall, it is important to make a list of your characteristics and a list of what you want in a potential roommate. Realistically, it's not 100% certain that you will find a perfect match but it’s important to list down qualities you are looking for in a potential roommate that are non-negotiable. All the best in your roommate search!

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