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Interview with Benedicta Adzato: Mastercard Foundation Scholar

Benedicta is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) in Ghana, where she pursued a Bachelor's degree in French under

the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship program between 2015 - 2019. This post

will highlight her experience as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar.

How would you describe yourself? 

I am a goal - oriented person and motivated by the family I come from to succeed in life. I am the oldest child of a family of 5 and so, I strive to be the best example for my younger siblings.

How did you hear about the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship? 

I had actually never heard about the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program prior to receiving the offer, after having qualified for the less endowed schools selection. Government high schools which luck facilities are classified by the Ghana Education Service as less endowed schools. Each year, The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology admits students who have performed brilliantly from these schools and offer them admissions into their various programs. During my batch, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program collaborated with the said initiative and offered us the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. Though highly competitive, my admission to KNUST to offer a degree in French was as a result of the less endowed initiative. I also got selected as a scholar after qualifying from the shortlisting stage. God being so good, I passed my interview and my dream of acquiring a degree became a reality.

Was the interview in - person or virtual? 

It was an in - person interview. 

What type of questions were asked during the interview? 

The questions were mainly centered on my family size, leadership skills, financial background and community involvement skills.

How would you say your past experience influenced the success of your application? 

Well, I was informed I was 1 of ~2500 students who applied for the scholarship program, so I’ll say being selected as a scholar was by the Grace of God. Other things such as my experience as the Senior Girls’ Prefect in High School which demonstrated my leadership skills, as well as my family’s financial situation may have also played a part in the final decision.  

Were there any conditions of the Scholarship? 

The scholarship program heavily emphasizes giving back to the community. 

How did the scholarship help you achieve your goals? 

Being awarded the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship allowed me to attend university with no financial burden. Aside from my educational costs and expenses being taken care of by the Foundation, the scholarship also covered various different self - development packages including, but not limited to career and counseling development services. The scholarship opportunity taught me a whole lot, including transformational leadership sessions. Additionally, summer camps were organized for recipients which highlighted skill training, practice and theory. 

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at KNUST provides academically

talented yet economically disadvantaged young people in Ghana and Africa with access

to quality university education. The Program offers an opportunity for its scholars to

receive holistic training that empowers them to be change leaders. The Scholars

Program embodies an array of services including mentorship, cultural transition, etc.

that will lead to the scholar’s academic success, community engagement and transition

to employment opportunities which will further the goal of social and economic

transformation of Africa. Application Deadline for the KNUST MCFS is 31st May, 2021.

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