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Interview with Justice Adu: 2021 Eni - Oxford Africa MBA Scholar

Justice Adu is a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with 8 years of combined and diverse experience in various industries. A graduate of University of Oxford, Justice pursued an MBA program at the Saïd Business School on the Eni -Oxford Africa full tuition and fees scholarship.

Provide a brief overview of your academic/professional background.

I’m from Ghana, West Africa, and completed my high school education at Accra Academy. After High School, I attended the University of Cape Coast, where I graduated with a first-class degree in Business Management in 2014. In 2014, I got paired with SEO Africa, a non-profit leadership development organization, which helped me land my first job after graduation at KOSMOS Energy. I worked in Ghana professionally for 7 years, until I relocated to the UK to pursue a graduate education. Currently, I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria, where I work as a Consultant at BCG.

Was it a goal of yours to study abroad?

I would not necessarily say it was a goal to study abroad, but more of a natural progression. After 7 years of working, I knew I wanted to be a leader in the industry and felt a graduate education was one of the key experiences I needed.

How did you hear about the Eni - Oxford Africa Scholarship?

I heard about it while I was applying for the MBA program at Oxford.

Was the Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship a determinant in applying to Oxford University?

It wasn’t.

Why did you apply to University of Oxford?

Oxford is well-known for being a prestigious institution with several opportunities, including providing scholarship opportunities for African students, as well as having strong relationship ties with African countries. Oxford has a strong alumni base and a great 1-year MBA program, which I was especially biased towards.

Was this scholarship opportunity your first experience abroad?

Yes, it was!

Did you have any expectations of the program prior to beginning studies at University of Oxford?

I was expecting the program to be worth my time, to learn from faculty and to enjoy the whole study abroad experience.

Would you say your expectations were met?

My expectations were more than met! I met incredible people along the way and Oxford was a lovely place to live in. Generally, I had a pleasant experience.

Were there any challenges you encountered while pursuing your master’s degree?

There was an adjustment issue I had with finding my way around the city. Thankfully, the Citymapper app was useful in helping me navigate the beautiful city of Oxford.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your time as a student at Oxford now that you have graduated?

I would have gotten a bicycle earlier and would also have been intentional about traveling within the country more.

Congratulations on your role at BCG. How did you land your position in Nigeria?

I had prior consulting experience in Nigeria and was eager to return to Africa after my MBA. It was an easy decision to select the Lagos, Nigeria office of BCG and after multiple rounds of interviews, I was finally offered a position.

What are you looking forward to next, career wise?

I look forward to using my insights to help clients make impactful decisions to navigate the uncertainty that comes with doing business in the 21st Century.

What advice would you give anyone applying to the Oxford MBA program and targeting the Eni - Oxford Africa Scholarship?

I will advise prospective applicants to be very intentional in presenting a unique and strong application, be mindful about who they select to submit a recommendation on their behalf, thoroughly research on the program and school, and be confident in reaching out to people who can potentially serve as mentors/advisors throughout the application process.

The Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarships aims to attract high aspiring and high potential African MBA candidates who can contribute to better leadership and governance of the continent. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE score, previous university prizes and awards, and other academic achievements, no additional application is required to be considered for this scholarship opportunity. For more information on this scholarship opportunity, click here.


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