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Important things to know about the GRE!

If you are planning on going to graduate school, it's most likely you'll need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), especially if you are looking to secure funding. The GRE is a commonly required admission test for most graduate school programs, and is now being accepted in a couple of Law and Business school programs like Harvard Law School and Stanford University in place of the LSAT and GMAT respectively.

Overview of the GRE

The GRE is designed to measure an individual's Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing skills, and can be taken on paper or on the computer. The duration of the test could lasts for at least 3 hours with intermittent breaks, depending on which version (paper or computer) the individual takes. Based on the test taker's preference, he/she could send their test scores for free to at most 4 institutions of their choice on the test day, or pay a fee to have the scores sent at a later date. The GRE can be taken "once every 21 days ,up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days), depending on test center availability." (

Preparing for the GRE

There is no one way of studying to pass an exam, and its important to realize that, what works for one person may not always apply to another. There are some who prefer to study alone, or in groups, while others also choose to acquire the services of a tutor. Regardless, it's essential for the individual to be aware of their strengths and weakness with regards to test taking in order to focus on the areas which need the maximum attention. There are a couple of books out there for sale from the likes of BARRON, KAPLAN and ETS which provide test materials on the GRE, and an insight on the exact format of the actual GRE Test. For those who cannot afford to purchase these books, ETS, who are the test makers of the GRE, provide "free and low-cost tools" to help students prepare and feel more confident about taking the test. For more information on GRE preparation, visit the ETS website on

Registering for the GRE

Before you can register for the GRE test, you will need to create an account on Educational Testing Service (ETS). "The name you use when you create your account will also be the name you use when you register for your GRE test, so it's important to make sure that it exactly matches the ID you plan to present on the day of your test." Unfortunately, the GRE test is not free in most cases, and must be paid in U.S. dollars. It cost $205 to register for the test in all other areas of the world with the exception of Australia ($230), China ($220.70), and Nigeria ($220) as at July 1st 2017. Accepted forms of payment may differ based on which version of the test an individual registers for, and also based on which part of the world the test taker is coming from.

On the Test Day

Finally, the long awaited day is here :) Make it a point to arrive on or before time to the testing center, as any delay may impede the probability of the test taker being allowed to take the test. Before leaving home, make sure you take along the most important documents such as your valid id which matches the name on your registration form and your ETS confirmation receipt. Additionally, wear clothing you feel most comfortable in and make sure you eat something before taking the test, as food or beverage is not allowed in the testing room. Don't forget to being along your own pencils and eraser!

*This post is for informational purposes only and does not provide every information one needs to know about the GRE. Additionally, the post is written with specific regards to the GRE General Test and not the Subject Test. For a much more detailed information on everything thing to know about the GRE, click

If you are having difficulties paying the registration fees because of currency differentiation, Educational Connect can chip in and make the payment on your behalf, granted you send/transfer us the equivalent amount in your currency. For further inquiries, contact us at

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