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Being an international student is  
a unique experience, and one 
that comes with certain challenges.

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Sungju  Park, S. Korea, University of Pittsburgh '18 

 Queencilla Hammond, Ghana, Illinois State University '18 


Emmanuel  Kuadey, USA,  Georgetown University '12 

It's been a rewarding experience as an international student to have been able to get out of my comfort zone and see some parts of the real world. I only wish there was more scholarship opportunities available.

Taking the GRE can be costly, but may prove to be very beneficial. It really helped in securing a graduate assistantship to off set some of my costs. 

Educational Connect has been very helpful when it came to finding a school to match the personal preference for my  niece. The team was also very knowledgeable on scholarships offered by outside organizations to international students. 

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